Young Researcher Award

Best Poster Presentation Award

Program NumberNameAffiliationTitle
PS-8Hiroto OGURI Osaka University Investigation of the Light Influences on Dislocation Behavior of Wurtzite ZnO by Photoindentation
PS-9  Kohei SHIOTANI Kanazawa University Influence of Element Composition on Grain Boundary Migration in High-Entropy Alloys
PS-26Munwon LIMHanyang UniversityProfile Monitoring for Electric-Vehicle Battery Images Using Stochastic Modeling

Best Oral Presentation Award

Program NumberNameAffiliationTitle
GS-6 Euimin CHEONGSungkyunkwan UniversityToward High-Throughput Study of LLZO Solid Electrolyte Thin Films through Combinatorial Sputtering
GS-7 Yiming HUKyoto UniversityNumerical Analysis on Failure Mechanism of Steel-Concrete Composite Decks with DFT Connectors under Hogging Moment and Effects of Concrete Strength
OS1-7 Nan ZHANGKyushu UniversityExperimental and Theoretical Understanding of Ammonia’s Hydrogen Embrittlement Induction Effect
OS1-25Kai HUANGHarbin Institute of TechnologyAlternative Fracture Theories for Nano-Sized Brittle Components
OS1-27Zhenduo YAOKeio UniversityInvestigation of Crack Generation and Propagation for Spot Welded Advanced High-Strength Steel Sheets
OS2-11Akarsh VERMABrigham Young UniversityStepped Σ3 Grain Boundary Migration in Miscible Ni-Cu Random Alloys: Elucidating the Driving Force Regimes Effect
OS2-14Keisuke WAKAMOTORohm Co., Ltd.Sintered Silver Degradation Assessment by Thermal and Mechanical Cyclic Tests
OS2-16Zhuo Feng LEEKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyCombinatorial Study of Submicron Nickel-Titanium Thin Films through Membrane Deflection Experiments
OS3-10Ke CHENGTottori UniversityCyclic Stress Measurement Using XRD Analysis of Grains in Electrodeposited Copper Foil
OS3-11Suyeon LEEThe State University of New YorkPrognostics of Solder Fatigue Life under Variable Loading Condition Using Cumulative Damage Model
OS4-1 Takashi MORIKURAKeio UniversityDynamic Electronic Speckle Interference Microscopy Using Dielectrophoretic-Induced Stress Wave for Observing Cells Located Deep within in Vitro Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Culture
OS4-5 Pham DATNagaoka University of TechnologyMolecualr Dynamics Simulation Study of Contact Mechanics of Titanium Sphere Indented on Hydroxyapatite Plane Taking into Account Effect of Interfacial Chemical Reaction
OS4-7 Satoshi OTAShizuoka UniversityEvaluation of Single-Cell Manipulation via Magnetic Force on Micromachined Substrates
OS4-10Junna WATANABETohoku UniversityTexturing of Artificial Skin Materials by Pulsed Laser
OS5-2 Yoshinori ITAMIKagawa UniversityApplication of the Functional Resonance Analysis Method in School Disaster Risk Reduction
OS5-7 Koki KAWAHARAKansai UniversityA Note on Reliability Assessment of Impact Crack Closure Retrofit Treatment for Fatigue Cracks
OS5-10Ryota OHASHIOkayama UniversityPiping Risk Evaluation Considering Permeability Random Field
OS5-11Ning LUUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaGlobal Sensitivity Analysis for Aero Engine Gear Considering Dependence of Multiple Failure Modes
OS6-9 Mikio AMUFUKUTAKEKagawa UniversityOut-of-Plane Shear Strength of CFRP and GFRP by Shear and Punch Press Loadings
OS6-10Minori MURACHIDoshisha UniversityEffect of Alumina Addition to Resin and High Temperature Environment on Fiber Matrix Interfacial Shear Strength of Carbon Fiber/Polyamide 6

Excellent Poster Presentation Award

Program NumberNameAffiliationTitle
PS-1 Kousuke SANAIYamaguchi UniversityFracture Behavior of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites under Biaxial Tension
PS-3 Kenya HIRAKOSEShizuoka UniversityEffect of Fusion Temperature on the Lap-Shear Strength of Fusion Bonded Joint of Titanium Alloy Using Thermoplastic Film as Fusion Bonding Layer
PS-4 Yuki TAKEICHIShizuoka UniversityMethodology for Predicting Stress Corrosion Cracking Life Using Stochastic Differential Equation
PS-5 Daiki ITOShizuoka UniversityGrowth Characteristics of Stress Corrosion Cracking of High-Strength Aluminum Alloy in NaCl Solution
PS-6 Mikiyasu HASHIMOTOYamaguchi UniversityStrength Characterization of Micro-Sized Unidirectional CFRPs under Tension-Torsion Loading
PS-7 Ryo OKAMOTOYamaguchi UniversityEffect on Hydrogen on the Tensile Behavior of a Nitrogen-Added and Micronized Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel
PS-10Daichi HAYASHIYamaguchi UniversityThe Effect of Hydrogen on the Dislocation Density of FCC Structure Pure Copper
PS-11Takeshi SHIBAMOTOOsaka UniversityStructural Changes in Barium Titanate Crystals during Deformation at Room Temperature
PS-12Amika TSUCHIYAKeio UniversityThickness Effect on Fatigue Crack Propagation Properties of Cu-Sn-P Copper Alloy Strips
PS-15Yuze WUKumamoto UniversityReliability of Uniform Stress Measurement of Carbon Steel by Hole Drilling Method
PS-16Zhihong DAIKumamoto UniversityEBSD Data Analysis of Stainless Steels Focused on Grain Boundaries Using MATLAB Toolbox of MTEX
PS-18Jie ZENGYeungnam UniversityIn-Situ Construction of Tin-Nickel MOFs on Nickel Foam for Energy Storage Devices
PS-19Ayaka MORISAKIKyushu Institute of Information SciencesFabrication of Bone Organoids Using 3D Porous Collagen Scaffold
PS-20Kurumi TAKIMOTOKyushu Institute of Information SciencesDevelopment of Novel Bioink for Bone Regeneration and Application to Artificial Bone Tissue
PS-22Taiki HAGIWARACivil Engineering Research Institute for Cold RegionEvaluation of Seismic Hydrodynamic Pressure Conditions in Agricultural Pipeline System by Constant Monitoring
PS-23Keisuke SANOShizuoka UniversityResistance Wilding of Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites with Carbon Nanotube