How to present your research

Information for all oral presenters

The following is a summary of how the research presentations will be conducted and the precautions to be taken regarding the oral presentations.

  1. Presentation time
    The duration of an oral presentation is 20 minutes, including questions. (Presentation 15 minutes, Q&A 4 minutes, and 1 minute for alternation.
  2. Conference Language
    Please note that all presentations must be given in English.
  3. Time of your presentation
    The conference program will be delivered according to Japan time. Please check carefully for time differences, if you are attending the conference virtually and presenting on-line.
  4. Hybrid style conference
    Hybrid system zoom will be used. All presenters, both onsite and online, will present their slides via zoom on their own PCs.The presentation will be made using the pointer of PPT for hybrid delivery.
  5. Confirmation of presenter at the head of session
    The presenters of the session should be identified and authorized to share their screens before the session starts. Both onsite and online participants will have access to zoom before the session starts.
  6. Notes regarding to presentation
    Please note that you may not be able to use the PPT presentation tools, so please prepare accordingly.
  7. zoom access information
    All participants will be notified of the zoom access information at the beginning of December.

Information for onsite oral presenter

  1. The presenter, chair parson and questioners will speak using the microphones in the room so that online participants can hear the presentations clearly.
  2. Wi-Fi access:   Onsite presenters will present using their own PCs connected via Wi-Fi.
  3. No presentation PCs will be provided at the venue.
  4. The slides shared via zoom will be projected onto the screen at the on-site venue.
  5. Wi-Fi access information will be provided onsite on the day of the session.

Information for poster presenter

Below are some notes on poster presentations.

  1. Date and time of poster presentation
    7 December 17:10~18:20
  2. Preparation of poster
    Please put up your poster in the designated area before the start of the presentation time. Tools for putting up your poster can be borrowed from the registration desk.
  3. Panel size for poster presentation
    Panel size: 1200 mm (width) x 1800 mm (height)
    Template of Poster is now available. Click here to download the Template.
  4. Disposal of posters
    Please dispose of your poster by the evening on December 8. Note that if the posters are still on display at 9:00 on December 9, the Executive Committee will remove and dispose of them.