Welcom to ICMR-2022

Considering the COVID-19 continues to spread over the world, we have decided that ICMR2022 will be held as a hybrid conference allowing registrants the choice to attend the event virtually or in-person. Please note that the registration fee has been changed accordingly.

Note on VISA for on-site participants

Currently, a VISA is required to enter Japan, except for re-entry. On-site participants are advised to check with the Japanese embassy in their country of origin about the requirements for entering Japan and to proceed with the necessary procedures as soon as possible.

We are very pleased to inform that ICMR-2022 will be held at KDDI Ishin Hall* in Yamaguchi, Japan, December 7-9, 2022. In this conference, various topics of development, characterization, mechanical analysis, theoretical and experimental reliability analysis, technologies for reliability assessment, and prognostics and health management for various materials, systems and products will be presented and discussed. We have a Japanese tatami-style banquet, so please enjoy mutual exchange in this event. Yamaguchi's historic sightseeing tour is also prepared. 

*HP https://ishinhall.com

Call for papers : Here

Scope of ICMR

  1. Materials and Characterization
    1.A Stress analysis
    1.B Fracture & Failure
    1.C Fatigue
    1.D Creep
    1.E Corrosion
    1.F Metals
    1.G Alloys/Composites
  2. Reliability
    2.A Reliability analysis and modeling
    2.B Design for reliability
    2.C Failure modes and effects analysis (FEMA)
    2.D Quality assurance & control
    2.E Risk assessment and safety
    2.F Software reliability and testing
    2.G Accelerated life testing and analysis
    2.H Non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E)
    2.I Reliability-Based Design and Regulations
    2.J Reliability-Based Optimization and Control Reliability Theory
    2.K Others
  3. Structural Safety & Reliability
    3.A Resilience of Structures, Networks and Communities
    3.B Risk Analysis and Risk-Informed Decision Making
    3.C Risk Perception and Communication
    3.D Hazards Analysis
    3.E Human Factors
    3.F Life Extension
    3.G Lifeline Risk Assessment
    3.H Loads and Load Combinations
    3.I Structural Health Monitoring
    3.J Structural Systems
  4. Reliability of Biomaterials
    4.A Biomedical Materials
    4.B Medical Instruments
    4.C Prosthetic, Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Devices (including Risk Assessment)
    4.D Tissue Engineering
    4.E Cellular Biomechanics
    4.F Surgical Support System

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline:
    July 30,August 25, September 15, 2022 (extended)
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
    September 20, 2022
  • Early Registration Deadline:
    October 10, 2022

Organized by

JSMS committees on
  Biomedical Materials,
  Composite Materials,
  Fatigue of Materials,
  Fracture Mechanics,
  Multiscale Materials Mechanics,
  Reliability Engineering,
JSMS-Chugoku Branch
    *JSMS: The Society of Materials Science, Japan
“OS2: Nano-Micro Mechanics of Materials” is cosponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)